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On behalf of the Worshipful Master and Brethren of The Sanctuary Lodge at Moretonhampstead welcome to our website. If you are a mason and visiting our lodge soon, we look forward to seeing you. Click Find Us above to find out where we are or how to find the lodge. We apprieciate the effort that goes in to visiting and pride ourselves on making your lodge visit as good as it can be.

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If you are not a mason but interested, there is much information on the Internet to satisfy your curiosity. Generally, much of the information found on the internet can be subjective or even speculative, you would do well to use our website where you will find sure information that is relative to our lodge, what we do and our craft order. You can also download a pdf document entitled 'Becoming a mason'. Designed to give insight into Freemasonry and released by the United Grand Lodge of England, this pdf is essential reading for anyone with a Masonic interest. If you think that Masonry is for you and wish to become a member of Sanctuary Lodge please contact the secretary. It is always nice to see new members join our ancient fraternity, in today's busy world of hard work yet constant distraction finding time for hobbies or esoteric societies is becoming evermore difficult. Please be assured that the warm welcome here at Sanctuary will be worth your effort.

The Lodge.

The Sanctuary Lodge No. 5358 registered in the United Grand Lodge of England was founded on the 10th October 1932 by Members of our Mother Lodge of St Mary's in Torquay, the founding members travelled by train from Torquay using the now defunct Newton Abbot to Mortonhampstead branch line. Today, our members travel from many parts of Devon to continue what they started.

What it means to be a Freemason

In the Summer of 2014 The United Grand Lodge of England released a video about what it means to be a Freemason. This was circulated within our quartely magazine on a disk and now it is available on You Tube. For your convenience we have embedded it here on our website and we hope you find it enlightening.

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Worshipful Master 2015-2016
W.Bro J.Burridge

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W.Bro E.Garner

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W.Bro P.Chinery

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W.Bro H.James

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W.Bro P.Scagell

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